CrossFit Shoes - Ridiculous or Necessary?

CrossFit footwear-the whys

So you’ve been CrossFit-ing a couple of months and you head to your local supermarket straight after class wearing your nano’s, covered in chalk and still dripping in sweat. You’re perusing the protein shake isle (or Soreenisle in my case) when you spot a stranger wearing similar attire. You get all excited and resist the urge to shout,‘OMG you must CrossFit’ and instead give a subtle nod to each other as a show of respect of being a part of this amazing cult, I mean lifestyle training.

But why do we wear what we wear and accept that booty shorts are now acceptable in Tesco? Well in the next few blogs I am going to explain, starting with footwear. CrossFit promotes wearing flat based shoes, so the toes and heel are in a perfect line, which suits both running and barbell work. We were designed to run with the middle hitting the floor first, not our heels. More cushioned trainers allow you to slam the heel down and promote an unnatural way of running. Flat shoes also remove unbalance and helps keep the joints aligned and moving correctly. And lastly,we focus on building our power output, with a flat shoe and a good connection to the floor you ensure that you are not losing any power and will be deadlifting a tonne in no time!

There are two popular CrossFit shoes, the Reebok Nano’s and the Nike Metcon, (I personally am a big fan of the Nano 8’s but it’s all about preference. I also love working out in Vans as the support my ankle and are very flat).

This leads me onto weightlifting shoes and whetherwe need them. Like the CrossFit shoe, they do not have any cushioning to ensure we keep the foot stable and do not lose power, but more than that they have a heel. This allows you to increase the range of motion in your squat and usually means you can keep your chest more upright which is a much safer position. For me there is a balance, you don’t want to be wearing your lifters at ever chance possible as this will stop you from developing the mobility needed in your body and, we are functional fitness athletes. We want to be able to transfer our gains into everyday life and I don’t often find myself squatting around in a kitten heel (each to their own though).

Weightlifting shoes can be expensive,but you don’t have to spend £100s (unless you want to) as essentially,they all do the same job.

‘0k, you’ve convinced me, where do I get these exquisite PB shoes?’ I hear you shout. Well before you head online to treat yourself it may be worth checking out Pear Mill in Bredbury. (Pear New Mill, Stockport Rd W, Stockport SK6 2BP). It is a reebok and Adidas outlet that often has CrossFit kit. It’s a little hit and miss but I have grabbed a few bargains over the years. The latest was a pair of Nano 8s for £24 (usually £100).

Otherwise hit up or to buy your pair.

Enjoy! Coach Liz x