What is CrossFit?

Tired of getting to the gym and having no idea of what to do with no motivation to find a plan?

No need. Join a class of no more than 16 people and feel like you're getting the expertise of a personal strength and conditioning session.  

CrossFit is for anyone who wants to get stronger, fitter, faster, using both strength & conditioning programmes.

As CrossFitters we believe that your body is the machine, we just need to improve & strengthen those movements your machine makes. 

That's what we all do as a community - challenge you, strengthen you, make you discover things you only thought you could do as a child and you'll leave with a smile (and some new friends).



And then get better at it.


Come down and try a session... it'll have a warm up, something new to learn and then a sweaty workout at the end.


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Do I need to be fit?

All you need to be, to start CrossFit, is ready. We can work with any level of fitness or body shape. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is scalable to any person. You could be in a class with a top athlete and a grandmother and work out just as hard.


What if it's too tough?

Again, it's scaleable. You won't do anything that dangerous, or too hard for you. Just take a coach to the side if there's something you're worried about.

Once you've got the right scale for you - you're all set. Yes. It will be tough, but that's what makes you tougher.


Who will lead the session?

We have promised that we will always have one coach per 12 participants. Your coach will be a minimum of CFL1 with one speciality qualification.


How much is it?

Please refer to our prices page. You can pay by the class, a pack of 10 or monthly. We do not have contracts.


Can anyone do it?

Anyone can do it, provided we are confident with your health screening upon signing up. Under 16's must attend our CrossFit Kids or Teens Program.


What do you wear to take part?

Something you can move freely in, that you won't boil over in. You will move. And you will sweat. Bring water.


Can girls do it?

Of course! Our ladies are stronger, more confident and fitter than ever before. But if you're still not sure - come along to a ladies only class. You won't be the only one feeling that way!