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These heroes woke up one day and decided they wanted to change the world...

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Paige "P" Boland

Age 25, loves cheese, pizza and CrossFit. Most often found with a barbell over her head in an overhead squat. Diane is her favourite girl!
Why she coaches:
"Exercise is the most under utilised mood enhancer/anti depressant. CrossFit & fitness relieves my stress, keeps me motivated for life and pulls me through my lowest times.I've had a long fitness journey & I want to help others move well, build a stronger self and from that become happier."


Liz "Flexi" Linden

Age 32, loves ROMWOD & Chill, working with new mums on body confidence and squatting under a barbell. Her favourite girl WOD is Grace.
Why she coaches:
"Having come from a dance background where 'skinny is best' CrossFit enabled me to change my view on health & fitness. It changed my life. I love that I can now pass this on to our members."


Ashley "Ash" Stott

Age 23, loves football, food & dogs. Most often found cleaning (with a barbell) and the workout Grace.
Why he coaches:
"I coach to help people live longer, happier and healthy lives. I'm also a chartered Physiotherapist and British Weightlifting Level 2 Instructor".


Cat "Blonyx" Hopkins

Age 29, loves competing in CrossFit, random weekends away and burgers. Most often found doing cleans and finishing off with the workout Elizabeth.
Why she coaches:
“Through different jobs or playing different sports or just life .... I have always been made the happiest by seeing others doing well and making progress. I want to be a part of people’s journey into fitness and see people happy from bettering themselves.”


Dewald "Frikkie" Wilken

Age 38 years old, loves CrossFit & motorbikes. Most often found performing muscle ups for fun & snatching, his favourite workout is Fran.
Why he coaches:
"I love to help people get better at their fitness, see progression and be part of a family. I love the way people react when they hit their personal goals. I haven't experienced the positivity like we have in the box anywhere else".


Andy “Steeley” Steele

Aged 33 & 1/2, loves literally anything that involves physical activity, hates standing still.
Most often found smashing a marathon row (okay he did it once and got a badge). Did we mention he’s got a badge?
Why he coaches:

“I just want to get as many people moving, a best as humanly possible, everyday”.


Leigh “Robbo” Robinson

Age 34, loves his gorgeous family, his average friends and CrossFitting the heck out of life. Most often doing pull ups, squats and press ups for 30 mins - AKA “Chelsea”

Why he coaches:

“I am so passionate to see others progress and develop in every aspect of life and training”.


Jen “Jen Jen” Cooper

Age 32, she loves eating, handstands and rescuing cats from trees - sometimes all at the same time! Favourite workout to do involves deadlifts and handstand press ups… also known as Diane or even roaming Diane!

Why she coaches:

“ I want to spread the joy! Having the opportunity to inspire people with my passion and see them progress and enjoy their journey is an amazing feeling”.


Sara "The Boss" Clarke

Age 27 years old, loves exploring, reading & working out. Most often found with a barbell in her hands and completing Diane.
Why she coaches:
"Fitness turned my mental health around and totally transformed my life. CrossFit came just in time for when the gym became boring. I want others to experience what I still experience each day & have the knowledge to transform their lives."


Gary "Big G"Clarke

34 years old, loves CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, food & craft beer. Most often found back squatting or doing Isabel.
Why he coaches:
"I love to learn and develop then share that knowledge to the benefit of others. There's no better feeling then watching a person make progress in becoming a better, fitter, healthier version of themselves because of the knowledge you have imparted on them.”


Matt "Murf"Murphy

35 years old, loves the outdoors, classic cars and restoring them. Most often found doing kettlebell workouts and Helen.
Why he coaches:
"I find it so rewarding seeing people improve in their skills & strengths."