Coach G’s Weekly Blog – w/e 25th March 2018

Hands up if you love thrusters and C2B pull ups. Nope. Hands up if you took part in the 24 hour AMRAP for Sport Relief. Yep. Hands up if you still got any hands left……………Then you clearly didn’t take part in the 24 hour AMRAP!!


This week saw us hit a lot of heavy squats, targeting both the Back Squat and Front Squat. We also managed a cheeky barbell complex and some serious volume on some heavy deadlifts. Massive week for lifting, improving technique and making gains! From a Metabolic Conditioning respect we’ve hit some challenging 10-15 minute workouts, focussing on some challenging and technical elements such as HSPU, ring dips and the dumb bell hang squat clean.

Finally, I can’t leave out the amazing feat of fitness, strength, stamina and most importantly community that we managed to accomplish on Friday/Saturday. Sara, Murf and I are so immensely proud of what we have created and what you guys have helped to develop. Those last few minutes seeing you all working away to bring us home over the 24 hour milestone was why we opened the box and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.



The weeks training has seen us work (and develop) all energy systems. The Back Squat on Monday saw us hitting heavy doubles, working both your Phosphogenic and Glycolytic pathways. Similarly, the Deadlift would have seen us hitting the same energy systems.

The WOD’s have seen us hitting a good mix of both the Glycolytic and Oxidative pathways, with each workout designed to hit a varied percentage of each. Hitting all of these systems ensures the use and ultimately the development of all three types of muscle fibre; Type I, Type IIa and Type IIb.

I’m going to go into more detail over the coming weeks about the above, including detail on why newer athletes hit PB after PB and why some of you more seasoned athletes see the gains start to plateau and struggle for months to get a 1kg increase! This is all to do with the above.


I think I’ve already touched on this but the 24 Hour AMRAP was the highlight of the year to date, not just the week. Special shout out to John Hart for putting in the last solo shift on Saturday, this guy is an absolute legend. I have to say, that 7 minutes was the hardest I’ve ever seen you work! It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’ve got the whole community standing around cheering you on.



Clean and Jerk Complex. What was your limiting factor?

If you are a proficient and balanced lifter, the limiting factor on this should have been you hang power clean. If this was not the case then you likely have a deficiency in your overhead movements. The causing factor could be one of a few things: poor technique, inadequate shoulder or core strength or balance. If this was the case then you need to identify the fault or weakness (with the help of your coaches) and work on making it a strength!



Sara has posted a link on the community page to a free month of ROMWOD. This is an awesome tool to help you recover from the rigours of training. I suggest that you get access to the free month and give it a go, you can do a session in front of your tv or iPad etc. and it only takes about 20 minutes. Do this after every session and you will see the results pretty much instantly.

Coach G’s tip of the week: Sign up to the free month of ROMWOD and most importantly, use it!

Keep on being awesome.

Coach G.