Coach G Weekly Summary w/e 18th March 2018

Sup amazing CFNS athletes?

So, here we go with the first ever Coach G weekly blog post (its only taken 3.5 years)! I’m going to be sending this out at the end of each and every week in the hope that it will encourage you, inspire you, educate you and raise your overall interest and understanding of CrossFit to a whole new level!

Just to explain the format a little, I’ll be hitting five topic areas; Summary, Technical, Highlights, Focus and Preparation.


Provide a brief general overview of the week.


Discuss some of the technical elements around the programming and why we did what we did, in order to better improve your understanding. Believe it or not, there is structure and order behind the apparent chaos!


Talk about a couple of key highlights for the week.


From my observations of athletes’ movements, attitudes, work ethic etc. I will pick one key element each week for you all to think about and focus on going forward.


I’ll be providing a few tips on how to physical and mentally prepare for the coming week of training.

In addition to my weekly blog, the CFNS coaches will also be taking turns doing a weekly post about a topic of their choosing! (this is the first they’re finding out about it!). Keep your eyes peeled.

So what happened this week?


CF Games Open Workout 18.4 came to challenge us, hurt us and in some cases humble us. It was a tough challenge and highlighted weaknesses in pretty much everybody’s fitness.

In terms of the general programming this week saw a serious amount of heavy lifting. We continued with our weekly Back Squat cycle which I hope is proving fruitful for you all, hit some heavy and technical overhead work with the Push Press, Snatch and Overhead Squat and some short but spicy met-cons to help improve your overall work capacity!

All in all, a good week. Well done to all who managed to make every session and well done to all who did as much as their body’s and busy schedules allowed.


As with all strength elements, were generally trying to keep volume low and intensity high. The best way to make strength gains is to lift above 85% of your 1 RM for no greater than 4-5 reps. Getting the % accurate is key to success and making the necessary gains. In general, if it feels easy, you’re probably not heavy enough. If it feels too heavy, you’re probably just a little tired or out of sorts. Always try and hit the required percentages and I can guarantee that you’ll make the gains.

In terms of volume, we generally save this for the WOD. This week has seen us hit thrusters and push jerk at low to moderate weights for a moderate number of reps. It’s this kind of volume that will help to improve both our cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

We also dabbled in some technical work with the squat snatch followed by a heavy WOD focussing on another two weightlifting elements, power snatch and overhead squat. From a gymnastic respect we’ve hit Chest to Bar pull ups, burpees and handstand push ups and even managed to squeeze in some running and skipping. All in all, it’s been a busy week which has targeted a number of movements in weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics!


Thursday saw you all hitting heavy squat snatch, a highly technical movement that requires a significant amount strength, speed, and flexibility to execute successfully! Well done to the handful of you that managed to hit PR’s on this movement!


This next week is going to see us do a lot of squatting, heavy! Make sure that we’re getting to the classes on time so we get the best out of the warm ups. If you generally feel pretty stiff and sore after a heavy leg day (like I do!), try and get to your sessions 15 minutes early to give yourself a more in depth warm up and get as loose and flexible as possible (apologies 6amers, you will have to make sure you do some mobility before bed if you need it.). Even if you only have 5 minutes to do this, hit some wall squats, KB squat hold and pigeon stretch when you get to the box. If you’re stuck on what mobility to do, we have two copies of ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ on the shelf. Have a look through and design yourself a little warm up.


Make sure you’ve got your meals prepped or a meal plan and ingredients in place, try to get 7-8 hours sleep each night and do as much mobility as you possibly can outside of the box. You will definitely reap the rewards and be able to hit your training with a greater level of intensity!

Coach G’s tip of the week: If you don’t already have one, make sure you acquire a customised speed rope to enable you to master the Double Under. The gym ropes are fine but the only way to truly get the movement is to have rope that is a perfect fit for you!

Once you have one, spend 10 minutes a day getting used to it. You will master the movement in no time!

Have a great week in everything you do!

God Bless

Coach G.