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We are seeking a General Manager / Coach Job Share role

CrossFit Northern Soul, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9BD

2 week shift pattern averaging 28 hours per week - set so that you can build your PT business too.

Attributes we seek:

Qualified - you will have a CF-L1 as minimum, but we’d love if you had further quals such as strength & conditioning, weightlifting, PT L3, kids or sports specific coaching levels.

Organised - you’ll be communicating, operating and working from multiple CRMs (customer relationship management systems), communication systems and spreadsheets all the whilst being ready for any athlete or customer to approach you for more information!

Communicator & Relationship cultivator - the front desk will be your base, which means you’ll be approached by new people, old people, short people & your friends-cousins-grandma. Each of them think of you as the solver of their problems, so we want to treat them as if they are the only person that ever mattered!

Level Headed - with so much trust comes great responsibility. People are signing up, arriving at and working out at our gym most likely in a time of crisis in their lives. We do not take this trust lightly. We want to be non-biased, centred, loving but also the firm grip that they require. Your level headed-ness will mean that you can leave all judgement at the door, quick to forgive, easy to get on with, slow to anger!

Participator - you’ll already know that our business is all about participation. We don’t get results unless our members DO something. You’re their inspiration, their motivation and the culture setter of the gym. If you participate, so will they. You’ll be one of the first to volunteer, you’ll take part in our classes, drive anticipation for events and be seen!

Patient problem solver - as a key person to both our operations, our staff and our members, your patience will be tested. Most of the stuff you do will be the first time it’s done, so the work you do now to solve issues… the patience you invest in it, the stronger it will be in the future.

Willing to use initiative - we are building something really incredible and exciting here! But none of us have done it before… it’s all our first times! So show your initiative. Is it in line with our vision and purpose? Then go for it? Not sure? Ask!

Strong! Changing the world is not an easy task, so you cannot be scared of hard work, we want you to be able to see challenges as we do - exciting rather than tiring! Challenges only happen once, its an opportunity to fix something and make it better - can you handle that?

Email Sara at for more information and apply!