Why I Opened a CrossFit Facility


My background is rooted in sport & fitness, I loved it as a kid, relied on them to make friends through my teens and to help me battle mental health issues in my early 20’s. I believe moving our bodies is a major part of our design, and therefore a lack of it can cause damage. This may seem obvious (we can gain weight and develop illnesses), but I mean deep down, soul damage. Each time I have hit a low in my life, whether it’s social, mental or physical, a lack of movement is evident in my life at that time. 

Think about it. You get a day off work, you love the idea that you’ve no plans so you mooch on the sofa all day indulging in daytime TV and fridge raids. But 3-4 hours in, the blissful, restful feeling you were craving cannot be found. Your heart and body are crying out for something else. But habit and culture tells you that this is rest and to ignore the feeling! 

Every single day, I fight the idea of working out. And guys, I mean every single day. Owning a gym, knowing the science behind it, and having great friends still hasn’t beaten that battle. And yet, every single day that I do fight the feeling and do my workout, I will finish feeling 100% better, stronger, more motivated, happier, more at peace and restful. 

Our bodies were designed to move. It has become our culture that we don’t, and we are suffering because of that. Mental and physical illnesses are commonplace, and yet we still haven’t made fitness and wellbeing “normal”. Why?

One thought I have is that we’ve been sold it all wrong. High schools teach PE with absolute dread, and kids end up playing a game of football, rugby, netball or athletics. Which yes, if participated in, can result in a higher heart rate, but generally ends with kids forgetting their kit, or they feel humiliated as it’s not a sport they’re built for, or picked for the team for. This is their first experience of fitness and in most cases, their last. These kids are not taught how to move, how to make their bodies stronger for life, they’re taught how to stand outside for 30 mins and kick a ball. 

My belief is that seeing eating as fuel and moving our bodies (wellness habits) are as important to us as human beings as brushing our teeth. We’ve been given one body, and it’s got to last us a long time, perform well and serve others, hasn’t it got to be on form? And yet it seems to be acceptable that it’s “just not for some people”. We don’t allow our kids to go to bed at night without brushing their teeth, so why neglect something that is important for mind, body and soul?

So, instead of getting frustrated about it as a P.E. teacher, I decided to change the trend and open a facility that taught that fitness is something that can be as fun, challenging and as important to us as netflix, brushing teeth and eating sweets. 

CrossFit will make you run, jump and lift on one day, then skip, go upside down and throw things on another. You’ll do things you never thought you could, and learn how to do fitness you can do absolutely anywhere at any time. You’ll be surrounded by people who are on the same mission as you, who love to hate it the same way you do and smell as bad as you after a session. 

I know that CrossFit doesn’t tick this box for a lot of people. I’m totally aware and okay with that! But as a PE teacher, turned PT, I watched more people get better results doing CrossFit than they ever would with me as a PT in a month. They’d actually turn up too, and saved money by going to CrossFit than PT which they could use to do more amazing things with their families and friends on the weekends. So I know CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good start for a lot of people, and those who don’t enjoy the sport that we love have so many other avenues they can explore to find the thing they LOVE! Zumba? Go for it. Rock climbing? Awesome. Running backwards in baltic weather? Whatever makes you happy dude. 

I don’t want everyone to love my gym, I want everyone to love moving their body. If your heart rate increases, your muscles are stretched and your mental capacity challenged, then I am so so excited for you. 

More on this to come, but thanks for reading a little bit of my heart!

Sara x